*Arkansas State Library Traveler Project 


This site contains many websites that will be extremely helpful when researching in any class or subject.  It is a free service offered to all residents of the state of Arkansas.  It contains numerous databases containing current periodicals, books, ebooks, encyclopedias, images, documents and many other valuable resources.   A few of the sites are: Discovery Collection by Gale, MAS Ultra by Ebsco, World Book ,&  Consumer Health. This site benefits both students and teachers supplying a wealth of teacher and student materials.   (See Mrs. Kent for any password protection sites)


*Encyclopedia of Arkansas

*Britannica High School Edition  (See Mrs. Kent for any password protection sites)   

This site also includes: This Day in History, BBC News of the Day, Biography of the Day, Reference Desk, Blogs on current issues, videos, and some teacher resources.



*Library of Congress


The Library of Congress is the library set up by Congress.  The mission of the LOC is to support the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties and to further the progress of knowledge and creativity for all Americans.  Many of our national documents are preserved in the LOC.

*MLA Guideline Sample


*Son of Citation


This website is beneficial for citing research papers.  Our English department uses the MLA format on all research papers.


*Website Evaluation Tool


This website is beneficial for evaluating web sites for research purposes.


*Arkansas History Hub for teachers

A collaborative project between the Department of Arkansas Heritage and Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, the Arkansas History Hub was founded in 2011. Today, the Hub is the most comprehensive sources for Arkansas specific teaching resources. In addition to housing hundreds of downloadable lesson plans, powerpoints, and videos, the Hub boasts a community of more than 1500 teachers from across the state.

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